Starting the Day Off Right

by Cathy on 02/28/2013

Here’s a fresh and concise infographic designed by Bud Caddell of What Consumes Me. Caddell is a well-respected maverick of the online start-up world with a resume eclectic enough to entice a postmortem clap from Ben Franklin. He probably had fairly wise insight upon the creation of these categories.

In business as in life, we continue our spiritual battle towards application, and application towards gratification.


What do you do well?

What are your dreams?

Will someone pay you for your efforts, if not, talents?

Time is the only constant, finite and unyielding. Let us build upon our experiences and unravel the manifolds to these questions.

If you are also a young grad who is in the process of “figuring it out,” my stance regarding matters of uncertainty is that it’s never too early to contribute a little towards helping your fellow man. After all, there’s definitely a surplus of young ones who can benefit from a little mentoring time.